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Age Questions

Understanding and solving age questions in the GRE involves accurately representing ages at different times and employing strategic variable selection to simplify equations.
  • Age questions require careful consideration of how ages relate to each other at different times, necessitating a dynamic approach to variable selection.
  • A common mistake is to treat ages as static numbers without accounting for their change over time, which can lead to incorrect equations.
  • Choosing variables to represent current ages and using addition or subtraction to adjust for past or future ages can simplify problem-solving.
  • Creating equations based on the relationships between ages at different times is crucial for solving these types of questions.
  • A practical example demonstrates how to set up and solve an equation by selecting variables for current ages and adjusting for future ages to find the solution.
Introduction to Age Questions
Common Mistakes and Strategic Approaches
Variable Selection and Equation Setup
Solving Age Questions with Practical Example