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The content focuses on alternative strategies for solving word problems on the GRE, specifically emphasizing the technique of backsolving.
  • Backsolving involves starting with one of the numerical answers and working backwards to see if it makes sense.
  • A recommended strategy is to begin with answer choice C, which statistically offers a 20% success rate on the first try and allows for the elimination of other answers based on whether the result is too large or too small.
  • An alternate strategy suggests starting with answer choice B, providing a 40% chance of finding the correct answer on the first guess by also considering the possibility of A being correct if B is too big.
  • Practical application of backsolving is demonstrated through practice questions, showing how to efficiently narrow down answer choices.
  • The technique is particularly useful when all answer choices are numerical, allowing for a systematic approach to eliminate incorrect options.
Introduction to Backsolving
Backsolving Strategy Explained
Practical Application of Backsolving
Advanced Backsolving Technique