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Multiple Traveler Questions

The essence of solving complex word problems involving multiple travelers or trips with multiple segments in GRE prep is encapsulated through the application of the D = RT (Distance = Rate x Time) equation.
  • Each traveler and each trip segment must be assigned its own D = RT equation to accurately model the problem.
  • Solving these problems often requires setting up multiple equations and using algebraic techniques to solve for two unknowns, typically through substitution or elimination methods.
  • Practical examples illustrate how to apply these strategies to determine distances and times based on given speeds and conditions.
  • Understanding and applying the D = RT equation is crucial for solving problems involving multiple variables and conditions in GRE quantitative sections.
  • The process of solving these equations can reveal the distance between two points, the time taken for a journey, or the speed of a traveler.
Introduction to Multiple Travelers and Trips
Solving for Distance and Time
Advanced Problem Solving Techniques
Complex Scenario Analysis